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Pat Tillman’s image has been co-opted by brash nationalists for a long time. But the more sinister players in his story’s misrepresentation still have outsize influence to push deadly propaganda—such as retired U.S. Army general Stanley McChrystal.

Pat Tillman was a remarkable human being. A remarkable American. A remarkable athlete and thinker.

Yesterday, April 22, 2021 marks the seventeen-year anniversary since he met an untimely death in Afghanistan — killed by American soldiers in a shoddily-reported case of fratricide.

His story and death sparked mass appreciation of his memory. The problem therein, of course, is that his story, and their story, differs greatly.

It starts with the same basic set of facts. Tillman, a seventh-round draft pick selected by the Arizona Cardinals in 1998, became a regular starter on the team and earned a contract offer heading…

Inadequate response means needless death

What qualifies to you as violence? What qualifies as failure? If a small, powerful group of people made decisions that led hundreds of thousands of people to untimely deaths, would it be accurate to call that violence? If another powerful group ‘acknowledged’ the crisis wreaking havoc and still neglected to push boldly for things that could contain it, would you consider that failure?

We are living that reality most overtly through the Covid-19 pandemic, as the United States stands unmistakably as one of the worst-responding countries in the world to the health crisis of a generation. Yesterday, it was announced…

A tent so big it includes the embodiment of our problems. So small it leaves victims out in the cold.

He spoke in front of a gathering of elite donors. People with net worths which allow them breathing-distance access to American leadership needed to be reassured their investments would not go without return. Joe Biden, in front of the only crowd he’s not capable of upsetting with his unique brand of disconnect, played their favorite tune.

Nothing would fundamentally change.

This isn’t some out-of-context gotcha. Around this time last year, when Joe Biden looked more and more like he would fail yet again in a bid to run for the Democratic presidential nomination, this is what he felt was pertinent…

I’m sitting here with knots in my stomach. I’m not part of the direct action that I believe in so strongly, and now here I am writing something I’ll be scared to show some of the people in my immediate circle.

Guilt, shame, whatever. I want to affect some change. I haven’t done enough. I can keep posting stories on Instagram but what is that helping?

If ever there was a time to stand up and be counted, it feels like now is that time. If nothing else, I’d like it to be known that when this is all over…


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